Michael Hortsch
Michael Hortsch
Associate Professor

Research Description

Modern technologies play an important role in teaching the biomedical sciences to today’s students. For many years our department has been at the forefront of adopting and developing novel and exciting teaching resources. However, are these new technologies really effective in educating tomorrow’s scientists and health care providers? How can we use these new teaching modalities to help our students both learn better and gain a deeper understanding of the expanding range of scientific knowledge? My current research program is investigating how modern electronic teaching resources are used by students and what impact they have on students’ learning success. In addition, I am working on the creation and further development of effective new electronic teaching resources for the biomedical sciences. My most popular resource is a series of PowerPoint files called SecondLook, which has also been published as an iPad application (http://www.med.umich.edu/lrc/secondlook/). This resource is a self-review tool that allows students to evaluate their proficiency before taking quizzes and exams. The SecondLook files/app provide a quick and efficient feedback for whether students have mastered the required material. This helps students to use their study time more effectively as they can focus on gaps in their knowledge and skills.


Postdoctoral work at Stanford University and University of California at Berkeley
Ph.D. in Biology, University of Heidelberg
Diploma in Biochemistry, Free University of Berlin

Representative Publications