Andrzej Dlugosz
Andrzej Dlugosz

Research Description

Embryonic signaling pathways in cancer and regeneration

We're interested in understanding the functions of embryonic signaling pathways, particularly the Hedgehog and Wnt pathways, in cancer and regeneration. Current projects are examining: 1) How alterations in the Hedgehog pathway contribute to cancer initiation, progression, and maintenance, 2) The functional significance of paracrine signaling in Hedgehog-driven tumors, 3) How Hedgehog signaling regulates growth and regeneration of hair follicles, 4) Whether Hedgehog signaling exerts its growth- and tumor-promoting effects on stem cells, their transit-amplifying progeny, or both cell populations, 5) How the Hedgehog pathway influences the Wnt pathway and other signaling pathways, and the functional significance of this crosstalk, and 6) Whether targeting the Hedgehog pathway, and/or interacting pathways, could provide a useful approach for the treatment of certain types of cancer.


M.D. Pennsylvania State University
B.A. Franklin and Marshall College