Alphonse Burdi
Alphonse Burdi
Professor Emeritus

Research Description

Continuing research on etiology, pathogenesis and morphogenesis of isolated and syndomic human birth defects especially those of the head and face.

Al Burdi is a developmental biologist and dysmorphologist who is recognized for his contributions to the world literature dealing with normal and abnormal human development. With general interests in the etiology and pathogenesis of human birth defects, his continuing and specific interests are focused on the biology and etiology of craniofacial birth defects with the ultimate transfer of new findings to the clinical treatment and management of children born with birth defects.

Current research foci include: (1) the cellular characterization of functional morphogenic fields in normal and abnormal facial development; (2) the postsurgical treatment outcomes of aberrant muscle tissue in functions in cleft lip and palate in children; (3) the morphogenesis of skull sutures as related to the surgical intervention and management of syndromic birth defects; and (4) the identification of population differences in development and growth of human prenates as related to \\\"risk assessment\\\" counseling as related to maternal exposure to such teratogens as alcohol, smoking, and drugs. Emphasized in all of this is the concept and significance of biologic plasticity of the human prenate and child in responding to normal and abnormal growth processes.